Making that next big hire? Here are 4 tips to consider.

Just like searching for a new job, interviewing for that next great hire can also seem like a full-time job in itself. Once you have some candidates in the pipeline, and are ready to interview, here are 4 quick tips on how you can maximize your time and make it as efficient of a process […]

Visionary Recruiting Starts with Mindset

Todd DeMarco Todd is the Founder and CEO of Prodigy Resources. He started Prodigy in 2007 to serve the companies and hiring managers who were consistently let down by “big players” in the staffing field. He believes empowering his team to make the right choices every day for clients and candidates leads to better results […]

Looking to craft a compelling resume? Here’s what to do.

With almost twenty years in IT recruiting, it goes without saying that I’ve seen my fair share of resumes – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve met with great candidates with poorly written resumes and I’ve met with not so great candidates with well written resumes. That being said, the notion that great […]