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Get the right talent when you need it

Prodigy’s IT staffing services are agile, on-demand, and crafted to meet your specific needs. You can expect the following when you engage us:

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Achieve an optimal IT staffing balance

Prodigy offers technical staffing solutions and flexible hiring strategies for all the scenarios you encounter. Leverage our IT staffing services to reduce the time it takes to fill your urgent positions, to consistently make great hires, and to adapt to changing circumstances. You can scale your IT workforce for large initiatives, yet remain lean when the work settles. Our services include contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire. We recruit on an individual placement basis and we can also staff entire project teams.
Capitalize on the speed of our delivery

As we recruit, we continuously build a pipeline of technical talent to strengthen our virtual bench. This proactive approach, augmented with the strength of our network, results in a speedy delivery and seamless integration of IT professionals with a proven track record working on similar technical projects in comparable environments as your own.

Leverage our consultative approach to make your hiring easy. Here’s how it works.
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We learn about the IT role you’re looking to fill by asking questions that go beyond technical buzzwords and skill sets. Our purpose is to really understand you, your team, your business goals, and how the work you do supports those goals. Equipped with this knowledge, we dive deeper into identifying candidates who have the whole package – the skills, qualifications, and overall mindset to be successful within your environment.

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We engage the strongest candidates through a series of phone conversations and onsite interviews. Our initial prep work during the discovery phase helps us pinpoint the most promising talent pool and represent your brand with crystal clarity when speaking with candidates.
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A resume might not always tell the whole story – however, we will. We aren’t going to send you heaps of resumes, just to see what sticks. Our goal is to save you time and energy by doing our job well. When we present a candidate, you’ll receive a brief synopsis highlighting their background and recent accomplishments relevant to the role you’re looking to fill. In addition to making note of our candidate’s strengths, we also address any potential areas of weakness, so you know the full picture ahead of time.

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A smooth interview process keeps great candidates engaged. A disorganized process does exactly the opposite. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and can help you refine your process to craft a candidate experience so compelling that it tips the scale in your favor. Keeping open lines of communication, avoiding misaligned expectations, and giving timely feedback are all great ways we can assist you in doing that.

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Prodigy’s commitment to you doesn’t end when a placement is made. That’s only the beginning. You can count on us to be in your corner throughout the entire duration of a contracting engagement to ensure it’s a positive and productive experience. If an issue arises, we’re there immediately to help fix it.

Our customers say it best

Still not convinced? Let us prove ourselves.
We welcome an opportunity to compete against your favorite vendors. Let us serve as a benchmark so you know for certain that you’re getting the best candidates and service the market has to offer. It costs you nothing for us to run a search and the stakes are high so why not give us a try?
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